IDC is a powerful global network of organisations, groups, individuals, as well as representatives of communities impacted by immigration detention, based in over 75 countries. IDC members have a wide range of specialisations related to immigration detention and alternatives to detention, including academia, law, research, policy, direct service, advocacy, and community organising.

IDC staff work nationally and regionally in Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and at the global level. Staff coordinate with members and partners on advocacy, research, coalition and capacity building, as well as create opportunities for national, regional and global collaboration to reduce immigration detention and further rights-based alternatives to detention.


A world where immigration detention no longer exists and people who migrate live with rights and dignity.


IDC advocates to secure the human rights of people impacted by and at-risk of immigration detention. In partnership with civil society, UN agencies, and multiple levels of government, we strategically build movements, and influence law, policy and practices to end immigration detention and implement rights-based alternatives to detention.



We strategically adapt our approaches to context, and develop pragmatic solutions that are grounded in everyday reality and experience


We continually innovate our understanding and practices, through curiosity, learning, and exploring new possibilities


We engage in collective thinking and group-centred processes that facilitate an active exchange of ideas and contributions


We listen closely and with empathy to diverse perspectives, share and accept critique, and treat one another with dignity


We prioritise diversity, inclusion, and the leadership of people with lived experience of detention, in order to ensure accountability in our work

Strategic Goals

IDC exists to achieve two long-term strategic goals:

End immigration detention

Establish rights-based ATD as a best practice

ATD is a critical tool to reduce the use of immigration detention. IDC focuses on the realisation of rights in ATD policy and practice. IDC’s Community Assessment and Placement (CAP) Model serves as a baseline framework for identifying and developing rights-based ATD.

Our Approach

IDC sets a collaborative and pragmatic agenda for change through our core organisational approaches:



Coalition & Capacity Building

Dutch Stichting & ANBI status

In 2022, the Committee of IDC Inc. formalised registration of a separate entity in the Netherlands as Stichting IDC. The policy plan for Stichting IDC is available here.


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MacArthur Foundation
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