IDC began working in the Americas region in 2010, partnering with members and allies to strengthen regional alliances, identify human rights violations related to immigration detention, and establish national and regional advocacy strategies. IDC has aimed to limit the spread of immigration detention along the Central to North America migration corridor, and promote ATD, particularly children and asylum seekers.

In 2012, IDC members in Mexico launched the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention. As a result of advocacy and campaign efforts, the Mexican government included ATD within national immigration policy. Additionally, the Brazil Declaration was adopted by Latin American and Caribbean governments in 2014, calling for an end to child detention and implementation of ATD.

Since 2016, detention increased following Trump administration policies. IDC is currently focusing on working with members in Mexico, Central and South America to reverse this trend, as well as supporting local implementation of Mexico’s Migrant Children Protection Protocol and other ATD in the region.

For more information about IDC’s work in the Americas, please contact:

Gisele Bonnici Americas Regional Coordinator

[email protected]