Everyone’s voice matters in shaping a just future

International Detention Coalition (IDC) has a proud history of driving meaningful change. We have achieved major legislative and policy victories, fostered understanding and expertise, and helped to keep immigration detention firmly on the global agenda.

IDC’s new visual identity reaffirms that commitment to enhancing dialogue on immigration detention and its alternatives. This isn’t just about changing how we look; it’s about changing how the world sees and responds to immigration detention.

We firmly believe that sustainable change requires everyone to take part – that’s why we work directly with people with lived experience, governments, decision-makers, civil society organisations, UN agencies and other actors.

Our brand identity builds on this principle, inviting the public to join the dialogue and contribute to the solution. This is a crucial time for us to amplify the message on immigration detention, drawing on public perceptions to drive policy change.

New look; same mission

Our work has always been about building bridges and delivering solutions. As we move forward, we will continue to unite diverse organisations and individuals worldwide.

Our message is clear: detention is not the solution. We envision a world where migration governance is fair, just and respects human dignity; where every individual – regardless of their immigration status – has the opportunity to live freely.

We will continue to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve this aim, leveraging our collective expertise to create systems that are effective and uphold human rights.

Now, more than ever, we need to unite, work together and deliver changes that will end immigration detention for good.

As we continue on this journey, we invite our long-time supporters and new friends alike to join us. Together, we can make immigration detention history.

Special thanks to the exceptional creatives who supported this process:
Brand identity and design by Yra Mae Lopez
Web development by Lawrence Makoona
Additional artwork by Hala Al Afsaa

Help make immigration detention history