The IDC is committed to building the capacity of members, partners and governments to limit immigration detention and expand alternatives to immigration detention.


The capacity building program focuses on building four key domains of knowledge and skills that are critical for effective work on immigration detention issues: understanding immigration detention; engaging with the alternative models; learning effective methods for monitoring detention sites; and constructive advocacy with government bodies to bring about practical change.


Our capacity building work involves face-to-face workshops, online training (currently being piloted) and technical advice in response to specific requests. The capacity building program aims to:


  • Equip members and partners with theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to act on issues of immigration detention
  • Provide a forum for members to share experiences and good practice in the field and to develop solutions
  • Foster greater regional and inter-regional networks through creating a collaborative training environment


In the 2013-2015 period, the IDC provided training to over 600 individuals from more than 50 countries. The training has equipped our members to undertake more effective government engagement on the issue of immigration detention and its alternatives.


If you are interested in capacity building support or training from the IDC, please contact the relevant staff member.