The IDC is very pleased to announce that our “African Alternatives to Immigration Detention Mapping” report will be published in early 2017.

The Mapping contains examples of Alternatives from six African countries, including constitutional provisions that set up a presumption against immigration detention; as well as both formal or informal work and education opportunities for migrants at risk of the same.  As our IDC Africa members have said, though the situation of migration throughout Africa can be “mixed and complicated…it’s a pleasure to work and collaborate in order to enhance human rights and save the lives of immigrants.”  It is our hope that by collating and presenting Region-specific examples of alternatives, other civil society and government actors will be inspired to join us in piloting meaningful alternatives and legislation change.


Work has already begun on the second round of the Mapping with more IDC Members, partners and government collaborators coming on board to expand the number of countries and variety of Alternatives captured in 2017.  If you or anyone you know has knowledge of programmes that allow refugees and migrants to live and support themselves in community, outside detention centres, in Africa, please put them in touch with IDC Regional Coordinator for Africa, Junita Calder who can be reached via email at [email protected]