Conflict in Libya continues, with IOM expecting and increase the numbers of people migrating, while UNHCR urges the governments of Egypt and Tunisia to keep their borders open to absorb populations by land rather than Sea; a passage which Al Jazeera labelled a ‘perilous passage‘ this month.  

A Swiss court had ruled that Israel is unsafe for asylum seekers, allowing an Eritrean in Israel to seek asylum in Switzerland.

Fears of detention and deportation increase for Palestinians escaping Syria who are being turned away from neighbouring states. IDC member, Human Rights Watch, has released a new report Not Welcome: Jordan’s Treatment of Palestinians Escaping Syria.

Conditions for migrant workers in Gulf States increase the risk of being detained, reports Reuters.

IDC member, RMMS released their in-depth ‘Mixed Migration Summary‘ for July

The Yemen Times reports on the realities Eritrean refugees face in Yemen, many of whome have experienced periods of being detained.

No safe rooms for detained asylum seekers in Israel: interview with Sigal Rozen, public policy coordinator for IDC  member organisation Hotline for Refugees and Migrants in Israel. 

New immigration detention profile on Lebanon released by the Global Detention Project.

In Malta, reports that the majority of boats have pregnant women passengers.

Detention of irregular migrants has soared in Saudi Arabia, Ahram Online reports that 70 people managed to escape a detention centre.

The news roundup for July & August is an amalgamation of tweets from our MENA Regional Coordinator, and retweets of members and news in the region. Stay up to date by following @idc_mena on Twitter.