IDC began working in the MENA region in 2011. IDC has hosted regional capacity building workshops and training for service providers in Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia, as well as researched and assessed ATD in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Israel.

MENA has high levels of migration and movement, making ATD critical. On a local level, community hosting is a valued practice in the region. As a result, MENA has a community of practice on ATD with strong roots in regional history, culture and solidarity.

In 2020, IDC will focus on strengthening our networks through advocacy, research, and coalition and capacity building, as well as engaging funding bodies to resource the community of practice that exists in the region.

For more information about IDC’s work in MENA, please contact Insaf Mounadi, IDC's Focal Point for North Africa, primarily Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria.

Insaf Mounadi
[email protected]