2012 Annual Report

We have seen the massive increase in the use, building and legislating on immigration detention globally, including privatization, criminalization and extra-territorialisation of detention as a first resort over the last year. The impact of this on children, the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable groups has alarmed our members, with detention often in poor conditions, prolonged and often with little or no access to asylum procedures or judicial review of their detention.

On the other hand however, we have seen an increased move away from detention as a first resort, with a number of states reviewing their detention policies, avoiding the detention of vulnerable groups and introducing alternatives to immigration detention.

Alternatives to immigration detention (ATD) are now clearly on the international UN agenda and a priority for number of states, with wide acknowledgement that the IDC has been the critical driver to seeing this positive move.

The IDC remains the only international organisation with a primary focus on immigration detention. The IDC has been instrumental in bringing together civil society, governments and UN bodies on practical and collaborative ways forward through solutions-based engagement and in its role as a facilitator for change.

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