These links are a compilation of tweets by the IDC Regional Coordinator in Africa.

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UNHCR policy change demonstrates new openness to alternatives to camps/settlements

UN Report shows n Africa & Middle East 2/3 of victims of human trafficking  are children 

Europe &Africa agree to develop coordinated plan to curb irregular migration from Africa to Europe

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Zimbawean migrants in Botswana regularly detained & expelled, reports president plans to further tighten migration controls

Hard stance against refugees living, working outside of camp


Immigration Department says 255 Gambians deported from abroad this year, with more youth opportunities needed to stop irregular migration


Ghanaian migrant spent more than 2 years in immigration detention


Ethic tensions force thousands to flee refugee camp


15 Mozambicans suspected of irregular entry arrested in Malawi, deported

South Africa

Immigration reforms labelled ‘draconian’

Detainees at Lindela say violence used by guards to end passive protest against detention conditions 

Temporary halt to arrests & deportation of Zimbabweans with expired residency permits

IDC Member, Lawyers for Human Rights is concerned about treatment of immigrants in police stations

Reports of violations at the repatriation centre for detained illegal immigrants have grabbed the attention of human rights organisations


ORAM: Country of Origin report