Regional: We are like slaves”. The New York Times reports on the “primitive” conditions inside Libya’s network of immigration detention centers. Ostensibly awaiting repatriation, the unceasing and increasing flow of migrants who are transiting through post-Qadaffi Libya en route to the Mediterranean are subject to exploitative and unsafe conditions in indefinite detention. 

mena april

Egypt: New law could see asylum seekers and refugees imprisoned for between 15-20 years for «illegal immigration». As Europe pushes for more outsourcing of its responsibilities towards asylum seekers and refugees, following in the footsteps of Australia’s punitive offshore detention system, advocates are expressing deep concern for the safety of those detained in Egypt, in the context of the worsening human rights record in the country.

Israel: «I will go anywhere that Israel can guarantee I will be protected, but until then I will choose indefinite prison over Rwanda or Uganda,» Eritrean asylum seeker in Holot Detention Center tells IRIN. Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers facing deportation from Israel face bleak future: poverty or prison.