The IDC commissioned a comprehensive External Evaluation to consolidate key insights. Conducted by Lesley Hoatson, an accredited evaluator of NGO, UN and government programs, the evaluation looks at the impact of the IDC’s work. It provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of advocacy outcomes as well as recommendations to strengthen the work of the IDC, following interviews with a wide range of members, funders, governments and stakeholders.

Significantly the evaluation finds:

  • A broad range of stakeholders hold overwhelming support, respect and trust for the IDC
  • The IDC is seen as leading a community of practice that has moral authority and uses this political capital to move detention reform forward
  • The IDC has been a major contributor to the shift in the international debate towards alternatives to detention by offering leadership, technical expertise, groundbreaking research, capacity building and training
  • 90% of the 77 countries the IDC is working in now have NGOs advocating for alternatives to immigration detention, representing a 5 fold increase since 2009
  • From this work has come changes to law, policy and practice and a significant number of people have been released from detention