IDC moderated the first Roundtable that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe held last week as part of their Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children.

The Roundtable topic was “for a Europe without the detention of migrant children” and featured speakers from UNHCR, OHCHR and the Alternate Minister for Migration Policy of Greece.

During the event, Mrs Doris Fiala, MP & General rapporteur highlighted the negative impacts of detention on children,

‘Detention has very negative effects on children’s physical and psychological health and development. This is why the Parliaments of the Member States of the Council of Europe should take immediate measures to end the detention of immigrant children both in law and practice”

The event also included the launch of their new website, which details the situation of child migration in Europe:

During the event, Ms. Genevieve Sauberli, the Human Rights Officer for OHCHR, focused on the rights of children to have full access to their cultural rights, saying

“Children who are detained in immigration detention rarely have access to adequate education, play and leisure facilities, possibilities to interact with their communities, or staff who are trained to respond to the specific needs of migrant children.”

The event was moderated by Mr Ben Lewis, Advocacy Coordinator at the IDC.