Legal action over detention provisions under the Anti Infiltration Act in Israel continue , with the Hight Court ruling detention can still be used whilst a new decision is pending.  Subsequently more asylum seekers were ordered to Holot Detention Centre.  Meanwhile, human rights advocates and many of the men detained at the Holot detention centre worked hard to get the experiences of those detained out to the general public, through the voices of Holot project and ongoing protests outside the centre.  Advocates then took to the Court  demanding better access to heating in the detention centre given the extreme cold.

In Jordan detention was also an issue before the courts in late 2014, with the Magistrates Court ruling that Jordanian authorities had arbitrarily detained an Egyptian citizen, held for a year and four months pending deportation. The authorities were ordered to pay compensation to the man,  raising interest of lawyers and advocates in neighbouring countries where similar employer sponsorship, or kafala systems, operate, resulting in similar detention scenarios.