IDC began working in the Asia Pacific region in 2012 with the launch of the Global Campaign to End Child Detention in Malaysia. In the first several years, IDC engaged in regional advocacy across East and Southeast Asia, and supported the coordination of the first government roundtables on ATD and child detention in Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2017, both the Indonesian and Thai governments took action to implement ATD and end child detention. In the years following, IDC shifted its focus to strengthen national advocacy strategies by supporting civil society networks to develop Theories of Change and implement pilot ATD programmes. In 2020, IDC will continue its advocacy, research, coalition and capacity building in the region, with a specific focus on supporting the leadership of communities impacted by detention.

For more information about IDC's work in the Asia Pacific, please contact:

Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator

Vivienne Chew

[email protected]

Asia Pacific Programme Officer

Min Yamada Park

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