For over a decade, IDC has been accelerating alternatives to immigration detention across Europe and showing that immigration detention does not work.

In 2017, we co-founded the European Alternatives to Detention (ATD) Network – a key coalition aimed at rethinking immigration detention across the continent and building evidence and momentum on alternatives.

Jointly with the members of the EATDN, we have influenced European Commission policy and also have spearheaded changes at the national level.

But there is still a long way to go. Many European countries are actively increasing immigration detention and rolling back human rights.

It is more important now than ever before to advocate against immigration detention and demand fair, safe and humane alternatives to detention. Ready to be part of a Europe that treats everyone fairly? Join us!



An assessment of the European ATD Network’s progress demonstrates the effectiveness of alternatives to detention in the European context and the importance of collaboration between public authorities and civil society groups to bring about policy change


An evaluation showing the effectiveness of ATD pilots in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland is published


The UK launches a series of pilots that support migrants and refugees to live in the community, partnering with European ATD Network member Action Foundation

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