Over the last decade, ATD in Europe has been through a significant, and sometimes volatile, journey. In 2008, the UK piloted the first ATD in the region, followed by coordinated campaign efforts in Belgium that won the release of children from detention in 2009. UNHCR then held the first regional roundtable on ATD in 2011, and IDC held our first regional member meeting in 2012. Through collaboration with partners and the European Commission, the Commission issued a crucial report on ATD in 2014.

Following this regional advocacy, IDC shifted focus to concerning policies at the national level, including Belgium. In 2017, along with Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants and the European Programme for Integration and Migration, IDC co-founded the European ATD Network (EATDN), a coalition of national organisations building evidence and support for reducing immigration detention in Europe.

The EATDN provides key opportunities for national advancement that can impact the region as a whole. IDC is currently focusing on working with members in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, and the UK to continue developing and implementing promising ATD across the region.

For more information about IDC’s work in Europe, please contact:

Hannah Cooper Europe Regional Coordinator

[email protected]