IDC began working at the global level in 2014 to utilise global mechanisms to influence global standards, particularly on child detention. IDC was a founding member of the Inter-Agency Working Group to End Child Immigration Detention, which consisted of UN, intergovernmental, and civil society organisations. By 2018, this global advocacy led to landmark commitments in the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) to prioritise the development of ATD, put an end to arbitrary detention, and work towards ending child detention worldwide.

In recent years, IDC has shifted the focus of its global work to also impact national change. IDC facilitates multi-level peer-learning among governments, in collaboration with civil society and other partners. To this end, IDC and UNICEF developed the Cross-Regional Peer-Learning Platform on Alternatives to Child Immigration Detention, supporting States to fulfil commitments made in the GCM. Further, IDC co-leads, alongside UNHCR and UNICEF, the Working Group on ATD of the UN Network on Migration.

IDC is currently focusing on government and civil society peer-learning, and responding to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 on immigration detention, as well as drawing lessons for the future, beyond the pandemic.

For more information about IDC's work at the global level, please contact:

Silvia Gomez Global Advocacy Coordinator

[email protected]