IDC has made a major impact on the global stage, fighting especially hard to end child immigration detention.

We have joined forces with UN agencies and other key players, leading to game-changing commitments from the international community.

But we are not just about big-picture policy; we are driving change on the ground too and coordinating with regional and national efforts. In partnership with UNICEF and UNHCR, we have hosted peer-learning efforts to help policymakers share best practices on alternatives to detention. Plus, we oversaw the challenges of Covid-19 and its effects on immigration policy.

Immigration detention is a big issue and it requires a global perspective that is truly connected with national and regional dimensions. Join us and help make change happen everywhere.



IDC influences specific governments and other pledges on alternatives to detention at the Global Refugee Forum


IDC influences UN Human Rights Council Resolution on the human rights of migrants referring to alternatives to detention and ending child immigration detention


IDC influences language on the Progress Declaration at the International Migration Review Forum to ensure commitments to end child immigration detention are not watered down and encourages pledges on alternatives to detention from key governments

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